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How To Stay Safe Amidst Wildfire Conditions

Wildfires are scary events. What else can be said about natural forces that humans struggle to contain, even with modern technology? However, while slowing wildfires can be a tough task, adjusting to smoky conditions is easy when you have the right equipment and know what to do.

At TenMasks, we proudly offer some of the finest KN95 masks in the world, masks that offer five layers of protection to filter out 99 percent of airborne contaminants. While most people have come to know masks for the protection they offer against viruses such as COVID-19, our masks can serve an integral role in helping you and your family stay safe amidst smoky wildfire conditions. In today’s blog, we’ll be discussing a few of the steps you can take to guard against smoke inhalation and stay healthy amidst wildfire conditions.

Our KN95 Masks Can Keep You Safe
The protections our KN95 masks provide aren’t limited to viruses and bacteria — they work just as well to save you from the health consequences of smoke inhalation! Our masks have been shown to have 97+ percent filter efficiency in either independent lab testing or FDA lab testing (through NPPTL), meaning that they effectively filter away 97+ percent of particles that are bigger than 0.3 microns in size.

We don’t need to describe how small a micron is to get across the point that these masks filter out contaminants at the microscopic level — and it doesn’t matter what type of particles they are. This means that in smoky conditions, when ash is in the air and even falling from the sky like snow, you’ll be protected from breathing in the bulk of the harmful smoke.

While you should avoid voluntarily spending time outside while a wildfire is burning near your area, our KN95 masks can provide your lungs essential defense for when you do need to leave the house, or if you are ordered to evacuate.

Stay Up-To-Date With Wildfire News
When a wildfire’s in your area, one of the best things you can do is stay up-to-date on all related local news. Air quality reports, local visibility guidelines, containment reports from the fire department, and evacuation plans are all essential information that can help you plan your schedule and prepare contingencies in the event that the fire grows to within a threatening distance of your home. Wildfires may be hard for man to control, but they don’t move nearly as quickly as other natural disasters, such as hurricanes or tornadoes. Staying informed and prepared is the best way to ease your stress during such a difficult time and stay ready to respond effectively.

Avoid Activities That Increase Pollution Indoors
When your neighborhood is filled with smoke, it’s important you do all you can to maintain decent air quality inside. Keep your doors and windows closed, and when you run your A/C, keep the fresh-air intake closed and clean your filter to ensure the smoke outside stays outside.

You should also avoid activities that pollute indoor air, including:
  • Burning candles
  • Using fireplaces
  • Using gas stoves or ovens
  • Smoking
  • Vacuuming

Practice Fire Safety
Regardless of whether there’s a wildfire in your area in the moment or not, it’s always a good idea to practice fire safety. There are several steps you can take to make your home less fire-friendly and prepare yourself and your loved ones to respond effectively to emergencies. Here are few key things you can do to make your home and your family more fire-ready:

Maintain at least one fire extinguisher. In an ideal world, you’d have one fire extinguisher located on every floor in your home, but having one on hand is better than not having any. Be sure to keep tabs on the age of any fire extinguishers in your home, as they are ineffective once they expire. Fire extinguishers can be expected to last anywhere from five to 15 years.
Clean your yard. Fires need fuel to continue burning, so one of the best things you can do for your property is clear away brush, dead plants, and other debris to leave fewer materials for a potential fire to feed on.
Make an emergency evacuation plan. Whether it’s a fire, earthquake, or whatever else, it’ll be easier for you and your family to respond calmly to natural disasters and imminent threats if you have a plan in place. Take the time to talk to your family about fire safety, and make a plan for evacuating and salvaging essentials in a quick, safe, and coordinated manner.

With proper planning and the right protective equipment, you’ll be able to breathe easy the next time a wildfire is reported in your area, knowing that you’re informed and prepared to respond effectively to any threat and avoid smoke inhalation. Visit the TenMasks online store today and order a 10-pack of KN95 masks to keep you and your family safe from smoke and ash!
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